Ian S. McBride

Software Engineer


Well, hello there 👋. I’m Ian (aka ian-s-mcb) and this is my little corner of the web.

This site serves three purposes:

  1. to show that I do exist, despite my abstenance of most social networks
  2. to document my portfolio projects
  3. to give me a platform to comment on the topics I encounter as an engineer

My technical interests include:

  • Full-stack web development
  • Microservice architectures
  • Linux

Given that my name isn’t that uncommon, I ought to point out which “Ian” is me.

  • I am a thirty-something year old denizen of New York City. I commute into the city, so unfortunately, I’m not a bona fide New Yorker.
  • I grew up in the village of Rye Brook, in Westchester County, New York, USA. You’re forgiven for never hearing of it. It’s quite the unremarkable place, other than its size (too small to have its own post office) and its location (~50 minutes by train from the nearest civilization, NYC).
  • I ride a gray and orange Tern folding bicycle on the streets of Westchester, Manhattan, and Brooklyn. With my 6’ 4" height (194 cm) and my 20" wheels, I strongly resemble a circus bear on a bicycle, but please don’t laugh.
  • In 2021, I completed a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Computer Science at The City College of New York (which is one of the CUNY campuses). College wasn’t especially kind on me (my tour of duty lasted longer than most PhD programs). But I got through it, mostly intact. I’m bald now, but the beard grows on!